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RESAR Online Review While You Eat

Did you know that you can review for the real estate brokers’ licensure examinations while you have dinner? Here’s exactly how to do it with the help of the or RESAR Online Review…

Inside the web-based membership area are tutorials which are in online video format. They come in the form of PowerPoint presentations, with a voice-over narration.

So, not only do you hear the words, you will also see the slides containing the key concepts in real estate.

RESAR Real Estate Online Review for Aspiring Brokers

If you’re in learning mode, look at the PowerPoint slides. When you’re in review mode, look away from the online video and just listen to the narration.

Soon, you will find yourself saying the words before the speaker utters them. That’s how you will know that you have absorbed the real estate review material.

Look at this…

You can set-up your computer, log into the RESAR Online Review web-based membership site, and play the online video. Or even play the audio MP3 file of the Real Estate Terminologies/Glossary section, if you wish.

Then you go about your other stuff, or have your dinner, or do your household chores, or fix your clothes, or do anything else (except read) while you LISTEN to the online lecturer.

If you do this for only 60 minutes a night, then in 6 months you would have listened to 180 hours of real estate review lectures.

Now if you only have 27 minutes a night (e.g., that’s how quickly you eat your dinner), then in 180 days it’s like you listened to 81 hours of real estate lectures.

You don’t even have to strain to listen. Just sit back and relax, and imagine you’re listening to a song playing on the radio. Or in this case, the external speaker of your computer. 😀

Before you know it, you would’ve practically memorized the words that the lecturer is saying, in the same way that you learn the lyrics of a song that’s regularly playing in the background.

In some cases, you will have easily memorized an online lecture in as short as just two days, because you are comfortable.

(TIP: To learn something faster, learn the material in a relaxing and comfortable environment.)

And you can do this while you go about doing other things in your home. How’s that for making the most of your time, right?

Self-Learning and Auto-suggestion

RESAR Real Estate Broker Review

Look at it as a kind of hypnotic auto-learning which you will hear repeatedly while you do other physical things in your house. This will help you remember the real estate review material longer, because you will be able to associate it with a physical action.

For example, you will remember that the lecturer was talking about the Fundamentals of Property Ownership while you were choosing your favorite beverage from the refrigerator.

This works quite well also with kinesthetic learners who have to be moving some part of their body while listening to a lecture.

As you can see, the RESAR Online Review takes a multiple-intelligence approach to helping you learn online.

Here’s a quote from Eugene Schwartz, world-renowned copywriter:

The person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable makes the most money.

The RESAR Online Review helps you prepare and become more knowledgeable about real estate concepts and topics in the Philippines. And you do realize what knowledge and preparation can bring into your life, right?

Yes, you deserve more.

Join the RESAR Online Review Announcement List today.

RESAR Online Review for Real Estate Brokers

10 Responses to “RESAR Online Review While You Eat”

  1. on 30 Mar 2015 at 8:37 am Raymond

    Do you also conduct face to face review for 120 hrs? I cant find review class now? Most closed their registration.

    [From the RESAR Admin] Based on past experience, the face-to-face reviews are announced in October of each year.

  2. on 17 Mar 2012 at 3:13 pm Roan Bejar

    Hi, ill be graduating on april 18. Im a marketing student, may i ask if what will i do first now, or any procedure on how to be a broker? Dont have any background on this but i wanted to be a broker.. Will i go to PRC to ask what will i do first? If im going to attend a seminar to take the exam? Please let me know, im eager to take this review on line if ever i know the process of being a broker..please help..–;)

    [From the Admin] Hello! Here is the list of requirements:

    You will need to earn 120 units in real estate subjects. Some people earn this by attending a 120-hour face-to-face Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review (CRESAR).

    To get more information about the face-to-face review, please send email to:

    Thank you.

  3. on 06 Jan 2012 at 7:43 am Jay

    pede po bang kumuha ang isang undergrad or graduating student ng REB examination?

    [From the Admin] Hello! You need to be a college graduate. The PRC will require you to submit a college diploma when applying for your Examination Permit.


  4. on 25 Sep 2011 at 2:14 pm Leonida

    This RESAR online can be a pre requisite for PRC exam?
    How will I pay the online review?

    [From the Admin] Hi! The main goal of the RESAR Online Review is to help you learn real estate concepts faster, and retain the info longer, to help you improve your chances of scoring higher in the real estate brokers’ exam.

    You’ll find the prerequisites for the PRC REB Exam here:

    For more info about the RESAR Online Review, please join the RESAR Online Review Announcement List. Thanks!

  5. on 22 Sep 2011 at 11:24 am marisse

    hi, just wanna know if i join the online review do i need to attend the 120 unit review in preparation for the exam.who will issue certification if review is online?

    [From the Admin] Hello! Please join the RESAR Online Review Announcement List for more details. Thanks!
  6. on 01 Feb 2011 at 1:15 pm carlito

    Hello, does the online review include exam practice questions? Does it qualify & will certificate be issued for “CRESR” certificate of attendance?

    [From the Admin] The RESAR Online Review does not issue any certification. Please join the RESAR Online Review Announcement List for details.

    There are hundreds of people who are taking the RESAR Online Review online quizzes right now, and they are practicing so many times. This will boost your confidence and help you score higher in the Real Estate Brokers’ Exam.

    The nice thing about the Online Quizzes is that you can get feedback right away regarding your score. Plus, some of your co-reviewees post questions and requests for clarification, which helps you understand the topic better.

    Join the RESAR Online Review today! 🙂


  7. on 22 Jan 2011 at 7:37 pm allen

    Do you have online review for this may 2011 appraisers exam? thanks…

    [From the Admin] We don’t have an online review for real estate appraisers. If ever we will launch such a real estate appraisers online review, we will announce it in this website. Thanks!
  8. on 07 Jan 2011 at 2:48 pm gerlie uy

    how much is the online review course for the licensed broker exam?

    [From the Admin] As of today, it’s P1,980 for a 180-day access pass. Please join the RESAR Online Review Announcement List for details. Thanks!
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  10. […] See: RESAR Online Review While You Eat… (click here) […]

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