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Wow, wonderful! I’m connected with LGU-Assessor’s Office and it helped me a lot with the useful information posted. More power.

— Ronnie Ymbong, on the RESAR Online Review

Let’s clarify a few things first…

1. You will still need to attend a face-to-face seminar and review class, conducted by PRC-accredited real estate review service providers, if you wish to take the PRC exam for real estate brokers.

Those service providers are the ones who will issue you a Certificate, which is required before you may take the exam offered by the PRC. They might charge you anywhere from P9,000 to P20,000 for a 60-unit or 120-unit CRESAR.

2. The RESAR Online Review is an optional supplement, to help you learn faster. It is *NOT* accredited by any organization.

3. The RESAR tutorials consist of 16 lessons published over a 16-day period. These lessons will help you score higher in the real estate brokers exam which will be conducted by the PRC.

Your 180-day account gives you access to other lessons which can be used in your career as a real estate broker. You may access these marketing lessons after the main lessons are delivered, so that you can focus first on the REB Exam review.

4. The RESAR tutorials make use of PDF files.

5. The RESAR tutorials will also make use of streaming audio or video, so you will need an internet broadband connection. Most internet cafes have a fast enough connection.

You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the videos (see

You will also need headsets/headphones to easily hear the audio portion of the online review video tutorials.

In other words, there is no CD or DVD because you have to be online while accessing the audio-visual tutorials. The good thing is, you can access the tutorials online as many times as you wish during the life of your account.

Please see these important notes:

Please review the syllabus or review outline:

If the above is acceptable to you, and you still wish to avail of the RESAR Online Review and Multimedia Real Estate Online Library for real estate brokers, please refer to the following:

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