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VAT and CWT and DST

How do we handle National Taxation computational problems involving Creditable Withholding Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, and Value-Added Tax (VAT)? What happens in sales transactions handled by VAT-registered realty developers?

Documentary Stamp Tax

Here are some quick notes about the Documentary Stamp Tax or DST: Accrues only upon FULL payment. DST on Sale = 1.5% of Tax Base DST on Mortgage Look at the amount of the mortgage. P20 for the first P5,000 P10 for every P5,000 (or a fraction thereof) of the remaining amount of the mortgage […]

Realty Tax

There are three basic kinds of Realty Tax: 1. Basic Realty Tax – 1% to 2% of the Assessed Value (Provincial – 1%; Metro Manila – 2%) 2. Special Education Fund (SEF) – 1% of the Assessed Value 3. Idle Land Tax – not to exceed 5% of the Assessed Value These taxes are paid […]

Tax Payment Due Dates

Here is a quick summary of due dates for the payment of taxes related to real estate in the Philippines. This makes for a handy review for those who want to pass the Real Estate Brokers’ Exam conducted by the DTI. DST – on or before the 5th day of the following month (based on […]