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Real Estate Online Review Investment

Is the RESAR real estate online review too pricey? Here’s a suggestion: Look at it as an investment. Here’s why…

For now, you can get in the RESAR Online Review for only P980.00 and you will be given access good for 180 days.

During that time, you may access the materials as many times as you wish, watch the online video tutorials hundreds of times (because repetition is the key to learning), or take the online quizzes and practice as many times as you want.

Do you know how much as real estate salesperson can make?

Some property developers will give sales agents a commission of 2.5 percent (this is separate from incentives, quota bonuses, and allowances).

In other words, when the real estate sales agent sells a house and lot package worth P1.0 million, her basic commission is P25,000.00

If that sales agent is under a real estate broker, that broker can earn an overriding commission of around 1.0 percent, or P10,000.00

Did you catch that?

The real estate agent does the tripping, customer assistance, lead generation, booth manning, and other activities to help close the sale, and the broker makes P10,000 (for every P1.0 million) as an override commission.

Of course, this happens because the broker is responsible for the sales agent’s training, and for the buying client’s welfare.

Hence, if you are a sales agent, how many P1.0 million house and lot packages can you sell in 12 months?

Let’s assume you’re “too busy” and manage to sell only ONE house and lot. Your commission is P25,000

Or what if you’re a real estate broker who has only one sales agent under you. And let’s assume your sales agent or real estate salesperson manages to sell only ONE P1.0 million house and lot in 12 months.

Yes, you get an override commission of P10,000.00

(NOTE: We’re not saying those are your guaranteed earnings. The example is for illustrative purposes only.)

Now, can you see how P980.00 which gives you 180 days’ access to the RESAR Online Review is so affordable today?

And now do you understand why the price will go up to P1,980.00 (for 180 days’ access) for those who join starting November 7, 2010?

And can you now foresee how the RESAR Online Review will eventually be priced at P1,980.00 for 45-days’ access once the 180-day promo ends?

In the past, the RESAR Online Review was offered at P500.00, then P776.00, then P980.00 — The pattern is clear. Those who take action get rewarded.

It’s time you adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset.

Think of the RESAR Online Review as an investment.

Because, quite frankly, that’s what it is.

We hope to see you inside the web-based membership site soon…

RESAR Online Review for Real Estate Brokers

One Response to “Real Estate Online Review Investment”

  1. on 26 Oct 2010 at 3:46 am Andy

    What if the applicant is not a Filipino citizen but has an ACR or is a permanent resident, can they take the exam or work under a broker as a salesperson?

    [From the Admin] First of all, we are not lawyers, but based on the RESA Law IRR (RA 9646) you have to be a Filipino citizen if you wish to take the Real Estate Brokers’ Licensure Examination.

    We haven’t come across any citizenship requirements yet, though, as far as real estate salespersons are concerned. Thanks!

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