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PRC List of Accredited CRESAR Service Providers?

A lot of people are excitedly preparing for the PRC’s upcoming real estate brokers’ licensure exams (March 27, 2011) and have been asking which Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review or CRESAR service providers to sign up under.

These aspiring real estate brokers are asking which CRESAR organizers are accredited by the PRC, because they want to make sure that their 120 units in real estate subjects will be recognized and credited by the PRC.

Now here’s the latest status update…

There’s no such list of PRC-accredited CRESAR organizers / lecturers / service providers.

Some reputable CRESAR service providers have sent messages, however, that the PRC will honor the accreditation made by the DTI of previous CRESAR providers, and will extend that CRESAR accreditation until at least March 27, 2011.

There has also been talk that the PRC will make an announcement soon.

NOTE: There has been no official PRC announcement yet.

Here’s the point, though: These CRESAR organizers will protect their reputation. They will not risk damaging their names, right?

Here’s what you can do, in the meantime:

1. Ask your potential CRESAR provider if they are accredited by the PRC. If they say they are, then request a copy of any document from the PRC showing that they are indeed accredited.

(From what we’ve heard so far, no CRESAR service provider has been accredited by the PRC.)

2. Ask your potential CRESAR resource person if they were accredited by the DTI to handle REB exam reviewees who were preparing for the May 2009 real estate brokers’ licensure examinations, and request for a copy of a document from the DTI showing that they were truly accredited during that period.

This will help you easily identify which CRESAR providers are legitimate.

Good luck and here’s wishing you success as you prepare for the PRC’s first real estate brokers’ licensure examinations of 2011! 🙂

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5 Responses to “PRC List of Accredited CRESAR Service Providers?”

  1. on 05 Jan 2012 at 8:58 am atan

    Is there any news regarding those who not make it to the deadline of the PRC? Is there any extension? Pls. reply. Thanks

    [From the Admin] Hi! You can still apply for PRC accreditation as a Real Estate Salesperson even after Dec 31, 2011. Just keep in mind that if you wish to practice as a RE Salesperson, you should be accredited first.


  2. on 07 Jan 2011 at 10:03 am vic

    Do you have comprehensive real estate appraisal review? and who are those accredited provider for this? and where they are actually accredited?

    [From the Admin] Hello! We don’t have info yet on reviews for real estate appraisers, but we will post the info online as soon as we get hold of such information. Thanks!
  3. on 05 Jan 2011 at 11:05 pm Meg

    There’s a CRESAR review to be conducted by PAREB-RIZAL BOARD OF REALTORS, Inc. starting this Friday. Would you know if this is accredited by PRC?

    Thanks and more power!

    [From the Admin] We have not seen any list of PRC-accredited CRESAR review service providers. At this point in time, we’re just banking on the reputation of PAREB.


  4. on 05 Jan 2011 at 7:15 am Mary


    Thank you always for answering my concerns and queries. It made my decision a lot easier.

    More power and God bless. 🙂

    [From the Admin] Thank you also! Here’s wishing you success in your real estate brokers’ exam review! 🙂
  5. on 03 Jan 2011 at 3:05 pm Mary


    I called PRC to ask if they have a list of accredited real estate organizers to conduct the required 120 units. The person I spoke with said that there are no PRC-accredited real estate seminar and review centers. They don’t know yet as to when PRC will officially release the list.

    Though the real estate organizers are DTI-accredited and legitimate, the real estate exam will be under PRC. Will there be a problem with this? I have started reviewing through your online review classes but I was just concerned with the P20,000 fee that I’ll be paying and still may not be a guarantee that my attendance will cover the 120 units. Kindly advise.

    Thanks and more power.


    [From the Admin] Here’s a suggestion… Please ask the CRESAR service provider that you will sign up under for some kind of indemnification in the event that the PRC does not honor or credit the CRESAR units that you earned.

    With the real estate brokers licensure exam coming up in just three months, we hope the PRC makes some kind of announcement to help answer these CRESAR accreditation questions once and for all.

    Our recommendation: Choose the CRESAR service providers who have a name and reputation to protect. For example, Cesar Santos and his real estate academy.


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