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How the RESAR Online Review Lessons Are Delivered

People are asking how the RESAR Online Review works, because they are seriously preparing for the real estate brokers’ licensure exams, and they want to gain as much competitive advantage as they can, by using technology and learning tools.

So here’s the inside info…

The lessons in the RESAR Online Review are all online.

To protect you from information overload, however, the lessons are displayed on an installment basis every other day.

So if your membership account is activated on November 10, you will see Lesson #1 on November 10 and Lesson #2 on November 12.

Someone else who joined and got her account activated last November 9 will see Lesson #1 on November 9, and Lesson #2 on November 11.

If you don’t go online on November 12, will you miss Lesson #2?

Even if you’re busy and are able to log in on November 20, the lessons which were displayed earlier will still be there. It’s like a blog where past blog posts are still accessible.

At the RESAR Online Review, you are in control of your time. 🙂

The “Upcoming Blog Posts” section says the lesson on Legal Aspects of Sale, Mortgage and Lease will be up on November 9. How come I don’t see it?

Thanks for asking. The RESAR Online Review is hosted in California, which is around 16 hours behind Metro Manila. So if you see that a blog post will be available on November 9, there is a chance it will appear on November 10 (Manila time).

There are cases, however, when your account is activated at around 4PM (Manila time). If your account was activated some time around 4PM of say, November 6 (Manila time), the webserver in California will record your account as being activated also on November 6 (California time).

For example, 12:00AM of November 6 in California is 4:00PM of November 6 in Manila.

In such cases, the timing of the RESAR Online Review lessons will be synchronized. Meaning, when the webpage displays a blog post date of November 9, you will see the lesson on November 9 no earlier than 4PM (Manila time).

Since members join the web-based RESAR Online Review membership site at different times of the day, and since your accounts are activated also at different times of the day, kindly add 16 hours to the displayed blog post dates, just to be on the safe side.

In other words, if you see that a blog post will appear on November 15, please expect it on November 16 (Manila time), just to be on the safe side.

Just to reiterate: The lessons have already been entered into the database. It’s just the anti-information overload program that’s displaying the lessons every other day.

And that’s why enrollment is on-going, and why you’re never late. The day you join will be YOUR particular first day in the RESAR Online Review. As we’ve mentioned in the past, YOU are in control of your time.

RESAR Online Review for Real Estate Brokers

One Response to “How the RESAR Online Review Lessons Are Delivered”

  1. on 13 Dec 2010 at 7:41 am Jonelle Peter Munoz

    I really want to take this opportunity to study online. I am willing to pay any amount required to have this online review.

    My question is that, if I finish this online tutorial, will I earned the 120 units required in taking the broker licensure exam?

    And also what are the requirements needed to take avail this online review and take the exam? You can email me anytime.


    [From the Admin] Hi! To earn those required 120 units, please attend a regular, face-to-face Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review, or CRESAR.

    The RESAR Online Review is an optional and supplementary that helps you learn these real estate brokers’ concepts faster, and retain that information longer, through the multimedia distance learning modules.

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