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Real Estate Review Topics

Here’s a list of topics covered by some real estate review classes. Over time, I’ll organize the data in this site so that you’ll have a better flow of study.

Now on to the list of topics…

  • Real Estate Brokerage Practice
  • Legal Requirements for Real Estate Practice
  • Fundamentals of Property Ownership
  • Legal Aspects of Sale , Lease and Mortgage
  • Subdivision Development
  • Basic Principles of Ecology, Urban & rural Land Use Planning, Development and Zoning
  • Condominium Concept
  • Code of Ethics
  • Real Estate Financing, Economics
  • Basic Real Estate Appraisal
  • Real Estate Mathematics
  • Site Location and Map Reading
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Local Assessment and Taxation of Property
  • Documentation and Registration
  • Real Estate Terminologies
RESAR Online Review for Real Estate Brokers

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