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Qualification of Applicants for Real Estate Examinations

Who are qualified to take the real estate brokers’ licensure examinations? Let’s look at the applicable section of RA 9646 (RESA Law)…

Real Estate Exam for 2010?

We are still waiting for the PRC to disseminate the Implementing Rules and Regulations in connection with the RESA Law. No wonder there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering any real estate brokers’ licensure exam review classes or seminars. No one knows what the official list of test topics will be, or who are qualified […]

October 2009 Real Estate Brokers Exam Hoax

If you’ve seen some webpages that talk about the October 2009 real estate broker’s licensure exam results, please don’t believe those. Perhaps those are just automated blog postings that were programmed months ago, but the blogger did not switch it off. And that’s why you are seeing those previously anticipated blog posts. [Please also see […]

Real Estate Brokers’ Exam and the RESA Bill

We’re still waiting for official announcements from the DTI and the PRC now that reports have been going around about the RESA Bill being signed into law. Here is a section of the RESA Bill, based on documents found online: SEC. 14. Qualification of Applicant for Examinations. – In order to be admitted to the […]

October 2009 Exam Updates

Will there still be an October 2009 real estate brokers’ licensure exam in the Philippines? A lot of people have been talking about how PGMA has signed the RESA Bill, and how this effectively transfers jurisdiction over the real estate brokers’ exam from the DTI to the PRC. But apparently, there has been no official […]

May 2009 Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam Results

Congratulations to the 1,070 successful examinees who passed the Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam held last May 31, 2009 at the University of Makati, and in other places in the Philippines. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection under Atty. Pedro Vicente C. Mendoza announces that 1,070 out […]

Oct 2008 Exam Results

In the October 2008 Real Estate Brokers’ Exams, 615 out of 1,322 people passed. In other words, about 46.5% passed. The Top 5 Real Estate Brokers (as far as the October 2008 Real Estate Brokers Licensure Examination is concerned) has scores ranging from 79% to 86%. Let’s make that Top 5 positions, since there were […]

Requirements In Taking The Real Estate Brokers’ Exam

Here are the requirements that you need to submit to the DTI if you want to take the Real Estate Brokers’ Exam: 1. Signed Application Form (get the form from the DTI) 2. Original and photocopy of your Transcript of Records or your Diploma. NOTE: I heard that you can also submit your Certified True […]